PropFIX “Banana” Unbender

How to repair the formwork prop in 7 minutes?

The whole world broadly uses the slab formwork systems in monolithic construction processes.
The main and the most important element of the system is a formwork prop.
Such defects as local dents minimize the ability of the post shore telescopic coupling; surface damages appear on the slab formwork props as a result of the high operating speed of the building processes, amount of work or due to low qualification employees.
In case of such damages the props become inapplicable for further use.

damaged second hand props

Possible solutions

The formwork yard manager could not fix the prop using ordinary tools like hammer or a metal stick.
Up to year 2009 a considerably complex and expensive stationary equipment could have been used with a special trained staff in reparation facilities.
If such equipment was inaccessible – the formwork props were simply moved to utilization.

This is a major problem for both sides: rental company and a client.

The  formwork rental company can not use the damaged prop anymore (usually the telescope is not working anymore).
And also unhappy clients have to pay either a charge for the damage or pay a full price of the prop itself.

Either way the problem stays. It can be a completely new prop after just one construction site and it is already broken and would be considered to utilize.
In a year 2009 PropFIX tools company started producing the tools. They are portable formwork prop repairing tools. The new technology was called PropFIX and it was designed to solve this problem of damaged post shores.

PropFIX tool for formwork prop repair

There is no need to transport the shoring posts, as the PropFIX can be used in any place and only by one person.
With this tool you will fix the dents of the formwork prop tubes in a simple and efficient way.
After fixing the post shores they become applicable for further use in approximately 7 minutes.
The tool PropFIX ensures a quick return of investment, because it becomes profitable in approximately one day of use.

PropFIX “Banana” Unbender

The formwork market leaders (PERI, Hunnebeck, RMD Kwikform, ULMA, Paschal, Ischebeck, ant many other) all over the world have already implemented and are successfully using PropFIX technology.

These are some their references:

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