PropFIX is a portable mechanical device operated by one-person force and capable to generate up to 60 kN of power. The tool is inserted through the hole in the lower part of the prop up to the damaged place and unbends the dent by expanding.


The most universal tool in the market to fix props of varying diameter


PropFIX can be applied anywhere on the construction site, both indoors and outside

Simple to Use

No additional parts, energy sources or special knowledge required

PropFIX tool


Kit contents can be modified to suit individual prop requirements


The tool comes with 1-year guarantee and efficient spare part supply

Fast Delivery

Worldwide door-to-door shipping service


PropFIX kit + one worker = perfect prop repair team.


avg. time until propfix pays off

40 mm

Minimal prop entrance hole diameter

110 mm

Maximum diameter ever done with custom made magnet

7 - 10 minutes

Duration of prop repair process


of power generated by one man force

76 mm

Maximum external diameter in standard version

17,5 kg

Weight of standard PropFIX kit

1 day

Avg. time until PropFIX pays off


no external energy sources required

84 mm

Maximum internal diameter with additional magnets

1850 mm

Maximum distance reachable with standard tool kit

60 kN

Amount of power generated by 1 man force

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PropFIX tool may only be used for its intended purpose – prop repairing. The principle of the PropFIX operation ensures dent unbending without deforming the rounded cross-section tube, while a special indicator facilitates the repair control.


The tool has to be inserted into the damaged prop during repair process. The minimal prop entrance (at the bottom footplate) diameter is 40 mm (because it is the size of the tool head). The maximum external diameter of the tube is 76 mm (standard version). The maximum distance between the end on the prop and the dent is 1850 mm (standard version). For other diameters and distances please contact andra@propfix.eu

principle of repair

Choose the best products for your yard

Select from a range of extra items to make prop repair with PropFIX more efficient.

Tube extractor
Additional Item
PropFIX extractor tool formwork prop repair
Main features:
Makes prop repair process faster
No harm for the footplate
Noiseless 20 seconds operation
PropFIX tool kit
Additional Item
PropFIX tool box
Main features:
Fix props with wider internal tubes
Prop entrance min. diameter 40 mm
Outer tube max diameter 76 mm
Working bench
Additional Item
Product list Working bench
Main features:
Makes repair process easier and safer
Designed to be carried by forklift truck
Comfortable leather straps for fastening