PropFIX extra size layer 12 mm
PropFIX extra size layer 12 mmPropFIX extra size layer 12 mm

Extra size layer (84 mm)

This extra size layer is not included in the standard PropFIX kit.

It is used to fix props with wider than 70 mm inner tubes.

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  • Formwork prop minimal entrance hole diameter on the footplate – 39 mm
  • Prop inner tube maximum diameter – 84 mm (outer tube 88 mm)

This extra size layer consist of two parts. One part is the same as extra size layer 80 mm, plus additional part to reach a wider diameter inside of the tube.
This is a common question that is asked: “Do I need to buy extra size layer 80mm and extra size layer 84mm if I have various props with diameters up to 88 mm outer tube?”
And the answer is: “No. You only need to order extra size layer 84mm which consist of two parts.”

For even bigger diameters please contact and we will design, manufacture the individual custom made extra size layer for your unique requirements.

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